Zenjenskin Plant Base Skincare Spa Products


ZenJenSkin Face Care Products

Real Ingredients – Real Natural Results-
In Asheville, WNC & all US 

GET YOUR GLOW ON and Reveal Your Radiance with natural ingredients your skin will LOVE

A woman owned business, owned by Jen herself, created a plant based face care line using organic ingredients to repair wrinkles, dark under eye circles, brown spots and irritated skin.  Jen makes all of her products in micro batches so they are fresh and active using optimal ingredients for the best most positive results.  

ZenJenSkin products are Blue Ridge Certified with a promise to be safe, sustainable and locally sourcesd They are Vegan, Plant based, Gluten Free and Non GMO 

Live in harmony with nature taking the natural path to healthy, more beautiful looking skin. We provide pure plant based skin care created in small batches balancing rejuvenating, nourishing and active goodness at optimal levels to repair & renew skin’s youthful glow.


Asheville/Swannanoa, NC 28778 

Phone:(828) 777-8044 





  1. Great post! I really love your blog! I’m going to try these products and review them on my blog too! Keep up the good work 😊💗 Gem xoxo

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